Reasons to visit Rajasthan

This post talks about the beauty and magnanimity of Rajasthan and why one should visit this land of the Maharajas.The state is known for its magnanimous forts and palaces and the rich cultural heritage of the Rajputana regime. Be it the palaces of its capital city Jaipur, or the forts of Jodhpur to the sand dunes of Jaisalmer to the sacred city of Pushkar or the Dilwara temples of Mount Abu. Rajasthan is one of the most touristic famous tourist destinations of India.

In India history speaks for itself.  The luxurious palaces, impeccable detailed architecture and vast spaced wildlife sanctuaries are some of its scenic jewels. To witness this scenic beauty, one should definitely travel to Rajasthan, a state with vibrant cultural atmosphere. There are hundreds of reasons to visit this place, out of which few are mentioned here.

·      Rajasthan is a collaboration of India’s most exquisite architectural structure such as Jaipur’s Amber fort or City palace, Udaipur’s Raas Devigarh and City Palace and Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace and Ranbanka Palace. They are legendary and portrays India’s heritage value.

·      The folk flavor of this state instantly takes over your eyes. Rajasthan has a very unique culture which is best presented through its dances, art and music. These dances are not just about having movement in one’s body, instead a Rajasthani dance illustrates various colorful customs, traditional jewellery, makeup as well as scintillating dance moves matching the beats.

·      There are several musical pieces that can be admired in Rajasthan; they are relaxing and a treat for ears and eyes. The performers here use assorted instruments to create tunes. They also create sounds using their hands, fingers, mouth, feet etc.

·      Rajasthan is also known for its vast deserts and sand dunes. One can experience this in two primary ways. Firstly, the famous camel ride is available in the desert areas.  And Secondly, one can experience the thrill of jeep safari rushing vigorously on the sand.

·      For all the shopping lovers, Rajasthan is just the right destination. This state is basically a plethora of funky jewellery, classic blue pottery, eye catching apparel, sand and what not. Bapu Bazaar and Jowari Bazaar in Jaipur are specially designed in such a manner that tourists can easily find their favorites.

·      Rajasthan has elusive delicacies, such as Pyaaz ki Kachori, Dal Bati Churma, special Lassi, kadhi chawal, red garlic chutney, bajre ki roti, laal maas and much more. One can get the economical as well as the most luxuriously rich food in this state.

·      Rajasthan, is a concoction of small cities, one such city is Jaisalmer, and has integratedRajasthan culture beautifully. This place offers garish markets in the morning and peaceful yet scintillating nights. The nights are glorified with flashy lights, as they have exclusive décor Arabian nights.

·      People from world around come to Rajasthan to admire their precious collection of jewels. Especially there elite and premium diamond and silver pieces. Even in the smallest cities of Rajathan, jewellery collection is always superior and exclusive.