School Excursions provide the opportunities for students to participate in curriculum-related activities outside the normal school routine, which aim to maximize the student’s learning experiences. These are not only important but form an integral part to student’s educational programmes. At Le Magnifique, we do realise the significance of school excursions and hence the risks involved in activities conducted away from schools, we ensure the standard of care is very very high to meet the set principles and objectives. 

Le Magnifique ensures that the entire itinerary and the activities related to each excursion are thoroughly planned to ensure that students, staff and others will be safe during the tour. The accommodations and the transport we use are safely audited to the highest standards. Our Travel Insurance policies ensure that the policies are appropriate for your group and that you are aware of the scope of the cover. 

Look forward to meeting you to discuss the next school excursion for your students, incredibly designed with the best of safety standards executed.

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