Diwali - The Festival of Lights!

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. The whole country is lit with diya and lights and its a spectacle like no other !

Diwali is the most celebrated festivals of India. With lights, diyas, candles, decorations and gifts, Indians all over the world indulge to solicit the presence of deities in their houses. This epic festival has an elaborate history behind it which depicts that good always wins over the evil. As Indian mythology puts it, Goddess Sita was abducted by vicious Ravan and was kept under his captivity for days, until soon Lord Ram (Goddess Sita’s husband) came to her rescue and killed Ravan. This event intended the great win of love, thus, people decorated the kingdom for lord Ram and Sita, welcoming them to their homes. This festival occurs on the darkest day of lunar month. Diwali in India is celebrated with the same fanfare like that of Christmas in the western world, with the festivities starting 15 days in advance.

As we know Diwali is “festival of lights”, it not only brightens up our house but importantly gives us a fresh start diminishing all the evil thoughts and making us believe in a better future. Diwali is celebrated in almost all the countries in the world, although it’s considered as a Hindu festival but it’s enjoyed by all.  The celebrations are for five days with Diwali being the third and most important day. Each city or state during Diwali tends to provide its best for the people by representing their culture and tradition through various means. There are numerous places for a Diwali getaway, but precisely Diwali is best celebrated in Rajasthan and its cities. Being the glorious state, Rajasthan provides the most exquisite atmosphere of lights, dresses, culture, heritage, ambience, dance, mela (carnivals) and most importantly its decorations which is visible to the naked eyes through their fastidious monuments.

Within Rajasthan, there are a number of cities which should be witnessed to gain the essence of Indian traditions. Jaipur being on the top of the list is a must visit. It is a city with best of both worlds; Avant-gardism and heritage. It attains India’s perfect hotels with a view capturing the serenity of Jaipur. The combination of Diwali and Jaipur has always been an amazing experience. Also, Jaipur has various other attractions, such as its tourist markets like Johari bazaar and Bapu bazaar which displays vivid artefacts, authentic gold, silver, diamond and artificial jewellery, traditional clothes and delicacies, mehendi(henna) for women and children. Also there is great attraction of tarot card reader and block printing in Jaipur. This destination holds the best of India in all spheres. At Le Magnifique Travel, we would design the finest itineraries, for your family and you to enjoy this festive occasion of India.