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Malta is a southern European Island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies close to Italy. It is a popular tourist destination with its warm climate, various recreational areas, architectural sites and historical monuments. It is home to three World Heritage Sites which include seven megalithic Temples, Valetta (also its Capital) and Saflieni Hypogeum. Some of the famous Historic sites include Mdina Old City, St. John’s Co- Cathedral, St. Paul’s Cathedral Museum, Mediterranean Conference and Valetta City gate, Rotunda- Church of St. Mary and war rooms. It is also home to some beautiful gardens with commendable architectural work such as Palazzo Parisio and Gardens, upper Barakkka gardens, Lower Barakka Gardens and San Anton Gardens.

Since some of the sites of Malta are a part of the famous TV show Game of Thrones, the place is also popular for its exclusive Game of Thrones tour which leaves the fans with an enthralling and surreal experience. Other than the filming locations, one can also go on sightseeing tours to the numerous sacred and religious sites Malta is known for. These places include Parish church of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel, The Oratory of St. Francis and St. Agatha’s Crypt, Catacomb and Museums. Some other well known cathedrals are Our Lady of Grotto and Metropolitan Cathedral.

Besides the architectural heritage, Malta is also quite famous for its landscapes. Go on a full day cruise to Camino Blue Lagoon or take a sightseeing cruise of the Blue Grotto. A full day excursion to Gozo is also recommended. During the sightseeing visit to the landscapes of Malta, one can witness its striking wildlife at Malta Falconry Centre; go on XemXija Heritage Trail and explore the Mediterraneo Park.

Malta cuisine is influenced by Sicilian, Spanish and English cuisine. Traditional food Fenkata (eating of stewed or fried rabbit) holds historic importance in the region. Fitra, a kind of Maltese bread is quite famous.

Best time to visit

If you’re looking to spend a holiday with uninterrupted sunshine, then summer is the best time to visit Malta. However, Malta is also a popular winter destination among tourists.

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