Le Magnifique creates the finest holidays across Asia & Europe. We ensure that for each of our destination, our travel experts inform and educate you on the intrinsic details to the core and help you discover the best it has to offer. Our personalized hospitality and attention to detail, helps us deliver the immaculate service commitment to our guests. 

From the architectural marvel of the middle east, Dubai to the dusty terrains of the magnanimous forts and palaces in Rajasthan, to the beaches of Thailand, Le Magnifique covers the best of South Asia and the middle east, including the beautiful and pristine SriLanka and the vivacious Indonesia. 

Be it a family vacation with your loved ones, group journey with your friends, solo travel, corporate outing for your employees, school excursions and assisting medical tourists, we provide the finest solutions. We endeavor to create memories cherished for a lifetime. Travel the Le Magnifique way !