Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, literally translated as the “land of Tamils” is situated by the Bay of Bengal in the east and the beautiful Nilgiri and Annamalai Hills in the west. The southernmost state of the Indian peninsula also shares its maritime border with the island nation of Srilanka.

The rich source of Language, Literature and Culture makes the state stand apart as the perfect blend of traditional culture with cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is home to the magnificent rock cut architecture which will certainly leave you spell bound. Travellers, historians from all over the world visit this place for its majestic temples often cut from a single piece of rock. Some of the most famous temples here are Meenakshi temple, Brihadeeshwara temple, Ramanathaswamy temple, Kapaleeswarar temple and Nataraja temple. Besides these most visited names, there are many small temples found in every remote village, each sharing a unique history and mythology of its own.  The historic town of Mahabalipuram is home to ancient remnants dating back to the 7th Century. The notable cave temples or Mandapas, Rathas, Rock reliefs and Structural temples are some of the world famous architectures that are unique to this place.

The state also has a lot to offer to beach lovers, thanks to its borders with the Indian Ocean. Marina Beach with its silver sand is a perfect place to stroll around and get the tranquil feel. There are various lip smacking regional snacks available on the beach. People can also enjoy pony rides there. Some of the main attractions to visit there are MGR memorial, Ice house, Senate house and Anna Square.

Apart from the mesmerising beach, the state also has a place for mountain lovers. The hilly region of Ooty, in the Nilgiris, is the place to be if you want to stay surrounded by the beauty of the nature. The temperature is comparatively lower here and one can enjoy a pleasant vacation. Alongside the hills, the place is also famous for its beautiful lake, the Kodaikanal Lake.

The Tamils enjoy a typical south Indian cuisine that is rice and rice derived dishes  accompanied by lentil preparations Sambar, Rasam and curd for lunch. Banana Leafs being used for serving food, seated on the floor is the the traditional way of eating a meal, and using clean fingers of the right hand to transfer the food to the mouth. Coastal dishes are also popular here.

Best time to visit
Tamil Nadu

The best time to visit this place is from November to February when the temperature is comparatively lower. The climate of the place ranges from dry sub humid to sub arid.

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