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The website is a property of Le Magnifique GROUP which is owned by Adore International Pvt. Ltd. The information provided on the website, along with all the other content including the pictures, logos, graphics are licensed property of Le Magnifique GROUP, duplication of which shall not be done on any other website or portal. This website offers you (customer) travel services. The customer once on the website, is considered to be adhering to all the terms & conditions that has been mentioned here. If you do not agree to any terms and conditions as mentioned on the website, you are requested to not use the website and its services and shall leave the website thereby. Le Magnifique GROUP is working with the best suppliers and vendors from the hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants, airlines, car rental services and other suppliers related to the Travel Trade industry, however Le Magnifique GROUP is not responsible for any casualty or loss that may occur due to the fault of the supplier, over which Le Magnifique GROUP does not have any control. Also any other loss that may occur over which Le Magnifique GROUP has no control, Le Magnifique GROUP shall not be held accountable for the same. Any other matters of dispute shall fall under the laws of the Government of India.

The content of the website has been done by Le Magnifique GROUP, and we constantly strive to keep the correct information updated on the website. However, Le Magnifique GROUP does not warranty regarding the accuracy, reliability of the information provided on the website. Le Magnifique GROUP shall have no liability in case of any loss or damage arising out of the information that has been provided on the website and your reliance on the same is solely at your own discretion.  Also we strive to keep the website protected from any harmful components, however we do not warrant that the site and its server may be free of viruses or any technical discrepancy at all times. The travel packages, dates, prices and other information provided on the website are subject to change without any prior intimation or notice. 

Le Magnifique GROUP collects information which include first and last name, e-mail address, physical address, phone number and any other contact details if necessary. The same is needed to ascertain the best possible service that Le Magnifique GROUP can render to our customers. The information may be obtained directly from you or through your agent who is facilitating on your behalf. Also, we do have to pass on requisite information to our suppliers like hotels, airlines etc. who need the same to facilitate the booking formalities. Your information is collected primarily when you deal with us over a telephonic conversation, or send an e-mail request for an itinerary, or meet us in person.  We ensure and commit ourselves to the privacy of the information that has been shared with us by the customer. We have strict vigilance in ensuring that the customer’s personal information is not leaked in any possible way as much as possible.  

This site is only for personal use. Information copied from the website cannot be exchanged, modified, sold or transmitted. The visitor has to agree to not interfere or intrude in the operations of the website under any circumstances. 

Each and every material you see on the website including contents, graphics etc. are protected by copyright under copyright laws. Use of content is strictly restricted. Le Magnifique GROUP owns / uses a number of proprietary logos, trademarks and service marks that can be found on the Site and does not grant any license to anyone to use the same. The user should follow all the instructions as given on the Site limiting the way one may use the content. Unauthorized use of the content may lead to violation of laws regarding copyright, trademarks, laws or privacy which are subject to the laws under Gov. of India. You may download the content for your personal use, unless mentioned otherwise. You must also mention the copyright clauses while downloading the same. 

The availability of the products and services of Le Magnifique GROUP in a particular area has to be ascertained directly with Le Magnifique GROUP or its representative 

The final choice of traveling to a certain destination which might have an enhanced risk factor solely depends on you and Le Magnifique GROUP shall not be held accountable for any dire consequences arising out of it, it is therefore recommended to consult the local government authorities before finalizing a destination which has an enhanced risk factor due to political, clement weather or any other reasons beyond Le Magnifique GROUP’s control. Le Magnifique GROUP shall also not be held accountable in case of any losses, delay due to the improper or incomplete documentation done by the customer. Le Magnifique GROUP, Le Magnifique GROUP representatives and their suppliers shall have no liability in case of any delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or any cause which are beyond their direct control. The customer at the time of booking a service, automatically is bound to agree to the terms and conditions of Le Magnifique GROUP and all its suppliers whose services the customer shall be using. Any violation of the same, will lead to the cancellation of the service, and Le Magnifique GROUP will not be liable to pay any compensation and the customer is not liable for a refund. The Customer is liable to pay for the compensation if it arises due to the violation of the terms and conditions.  If any dispute arises between the customer and Le Magnifique Group, the same will be subject to jurisdiction in a court situated in New Delhi, INDIA, in accordance with and under the laws of  Government of India.

The customer taking the services of Le Magnifique GROUP should have all the valid documents ready including passport, visa, medical insurance to cover personal liability, disability, death or any other injury or cancellation of the travel, valid documents of travel insurance and any other clearances that are required for the customer to undertake the trip. You can book the travel through our agents or directly with us with our office in New Delhi or Jaipur in India. Le Magnifique GROUP works with the best suppliers including hotels, restaurants, airlines, car rental services and other suppliers related to the Travel Trade industry, however Le Magnifique GROUP is not responsible for any casualty or loss that may occur due to the fault of the supplier, over which Le Magnifique GROUP does not have any control. The itineraries mentioned on the website are an indicative itinerary and may not be final, Le Magnifique GROUP reserves the right to make changes in the same without prior intimation. The final booking will only be meant to be confirmed after the customer has read all the terms and conditions as stipulated on the Le Magnifique GROUP website thoroughly including the price and the itinerary and has duly signed the contract with Le Magnifique GROUP. Only the authorized personnel from Le Magnifique GROUP can make any amends in the terms and conditions as stipulated. Le Magnifique GROUP would need the VISA, PASSPORT and the declaration of usage of foreign exchange from the customer. Le Magnifique GROUP reserves the right to withdraw, change, alter the schedule of the itinerary due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond its control, even after the final itinerary has been issued.  Passing on compensation or losses to the customer due to unforeseeable circumstances is beyond Le Magnifique GROUP’s control, however any adjustment in the tour prices because of this is solely to be decided by the Le Magnifique GROUP management.

The prices for the trips include the entire arrangements, which are subject to availability and can accordingly change without notice. For any booking to be confirmed, the customer must deposit 20% of the booking amount for the trip confirmation. All the prices mentioned are per PAX (Person) and in US DOLLAR convertible into INR at the prevailing exchange rates worked by Le Magnifique GROUP team. The prices are exclusive of taxes which the customer shall have to pay additionally. The itinerary clearly indicates all the inclusions in the price and any other personal expenditure (additional meals, insurance etc. that is not mentioned in the inclusions) beyond that has to be borne by the customer himself. Le Magnifique GROUP team can additionally add any special service requests in the itinerary, subject to the applicable charges to the customer. Le Magnifique GROUP travel prices can also be subject to surcharges if any, in case of price changes in any of the services related to travel including airfares, hotel room rates, entry fees etc which shall be additionally payable by the customer.

The payments can be made through various modes including cash, credit card, cheque, foreign currency (USD/GBP/EUR) and bank transfers after the applicable conversion rates as advised by Le Magnifique GROUP and completion of all other formalities. Bank charges may be levied wherever applicable. Once the payment is received, the customer will be handed over the complete travel dossier for his trip that will include details regarding the itinerary, hotel vouchers, emergency contacts and other related items for the trip. Amendments in the travel schedule or services by any customer solely depends on the availability of the said particular service which has to be given consent by the authorized Le Magnifique GROUP personnel. Any additional cost bearing out of the same will have to be borne by the customer. Cancellation charges may be levied in case of the cancellation of the trip as per below schedule :

60 Days prior to the Departure Date of the trip : 25% of the total trip cost
30-60 Days prior to the Departure Date of the trip : 50% of the total trip cost
30 Days prior to the Departure Date of the trip : 75% of the total trip cost
15 Days prior to the Departure Date of the trip : 100 % of the total trip cost

Any refund due to the cancellation will take around 60 days to be processed. Any refund in the foreign currency will be made in INR (Indian National Rupee) at the prevailing buying rate on the date of the cancellation. There will be no refunds in case the client dosent utilize any service. Once on the trip, the customer has to take care of his personal belongings including luggage, travel documents, insurance policies or any other personal property. Le Magnifique GROUP will not be liable for the loss of any of the above. 

Le Magnifique GROUP shall not be held accountable for any cancellation or alteration of the itinerary or a fixed service, for circumstances which are beyond their control including war, riots, flood or any ACT OF GOD or any political or economic or any event affecting any part of the travel and the trip that was initially offered by Le Magnifique GROUP.