A Wedding in Italy !

Italy is one of the most sought after locations for tourists from across the world. A wedding in this breathtaking country famous for its stunning architecture and gastronomy is nothing less than a dream.

Italy is said to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Art treasures, trendy fashion, stunning landscapes, passionate people and lip-smacking cuisine are some of  the reasons to visit Italy. People from world over visit this stunning country to enjoy the breathtaking architecture and scrumptious food. A wedding destination should be out of the box, and certainly Italy has everything for one’s dreams to come true for his or her special wedding day. With an incredibly diverse landscape on one end and authentic Italian gastronomy on the other, Italy gives everyone loads of incredible moments to cherish for a lifetime. Italy has exotic lifestyle, magnificent beaches and famous sites such as Bay of Naples, Pompeii, Italian Lake District to name a few from a wedding point of view. The Lake Garda stretches along the entire northern Italy and has a breathtaking view. Not to forget the stunning Lake Como, which has become a hot favourite for a dream Italian wedding. Italy has Renaissance architectural interiors, rich museums and churches, portraying the raw detailing on the walls; this can be witness at Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples and Palermo’s Baroque churches.

The splendid Roman architecture follows you at every step. Some of the most famous buildings to visit are Colosseum, Pantheon, Duomo di Milano, Palatine Hill andBasilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. The place is also known for some of the most spectacular churches and museums in the modern world. Academia gallery, Uffizi gallery, Doge’s palace, Egyptian museum of Turin are some of the places that should not be missed. You can also visit the Valley of Temples that holds some of the most beautiful temples from the Greek and the Roman civilisations. While exploring the ancient civilisation, don’t forget to give a visit to the remnants of the Ancient Pompeii.

Besides the ancient artefacts, Italy also boasts of its alluring romantic vibes of Venice and Tuscany. Spend some time in the Venice canal cruise in a motorboat. You can find some of the popular World HeritageSites here like the Tower of Pisa, Assisi, Basilica of San Francesco, and the Palladian Villas of Veneto. The list includes the historic city of Naples too, among many more sites. The country is also home to one of the major fashion hubs. The cosmopolitan city of Milan is in the list of every fashion follower in the world.

Since the country shares its borders with theMediterranean Sea, you can enjoy the luxuries of exotic sea view and indulge in island hopping from Capri to other local islands like Egadi and Ortigia. Vatican City, the seat of the Pope, is close by. You can spare a one day trip and explore the neighbouring city.

During the wedding stay one can entertain his family, visiting these places. The La Scala Opera House in Milan is a must watch and address tourist spot, the kids and even the adult can witness the most mesmerizing musical event. The Visitors can walk along the ancient streets to see the remains of bakeries, brothels and baths during their tour. Italy is a fashion world with home to the fashion capital of the world, Milan.

Women at the wedding will be more than willing to drop their days in the shopping arenas. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is Italy's oldest shopping mall and one of the most sought after landmarks of Milan, housing almost all the top fashion brands of the world.  Not to forget in Rome, exclusive boutiques, attractive street vendors, jewellery and primarily shoes can be bought from Via Condotti and the area around the Spanish Steps. For pre-owned and vintage clothing one can visit Mercatino del Borghetto Flaminio. Italy also gives children one of a kind time with its sports activities such as Diving, Snorkeling, White Water River rafting, kayaking, canoeing and many others.  Italy is a destination for family, and getting married here is actually once in a lifetime dream. The couple can continue to explore this country as it has endless beauty and endurance.

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